A Gallup poll taken from Feb 9th thru the 12th shows the third largest jump in congressional approval since Dubya took office in 2001 – and the highest approval in 2 years.

The largest spike in approval came, unsurprisingly, after 9/11. The next largest came when Democrats took control of Congress in Jan 2007. Support waned – probably because that Congress was absolutely spineless – but the third largest jump in approval ratings came as Congress was working on the popular stimulus plan.

Not surprisingly, much of the increase comes from a dramatic jump in the opinion of Democratic voters. However, a 12 point jump amongst independent voters – the largest group of voters in the electorate – had a lot to do with it.

I’ve pointed out over and over and over that independent voters largely favor liberal ideals, and that Republicans have been historically excellent at manipulating voter opinion. Congressional Dems need to stop being afraid of what Republicans will say, and just do what is right. The American people will approve.