It turns out California isn’t he only state with an actor at the helm.

The governors thespians running Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alaska, South Carolina and Idaho all seem to have extensive experience acting like extreme fiscal conservatives.

Instead of embracing the recently passed stimulus package and the money and jobs it could bring to their states, all of these governors have threatened to decline the money and plunge their states deeper into economic crisis.

The problem with this is, not one of the governors is serious. It’s all a big show. A big act. They say they don’t want the money – but then they begrudgingly accept it.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, for example, has done nothing but bitch about the stimulus package while anxiously waiting for the money to flow in.

Listen here Perry: Man up. If you want to decline the money (and become the most hated man in Texas) to defend your fake, ideological, fiscal-conservative street cred then do it already.

Otherwise you need to shut the fuck up and let President Obama and his team work on a real solution to our economic problems.