Just hopped on a blogger call with JB. Basically she’s OHIO through and through, has experience, raised 3 kids and 3 foster kids.

Brunner has no comment on Fisher’s announcement at 6 and playing catch up. Lee told her earlier today that it’d be a couple days

Brunner decided more than a month ago to run. Talked to Emily’s List. Officially filed with FEC. Taking money already

Emily’s List has been a big help. Looks forward to working with them.

Will not step down from SOS role as election gets closer.

Focusing hard on funding out of the gate. Not concerned with Tim Ryan endorsement. More concerned with reaching people directly and raising money.

OK, had to hop off this. Anthony at Ohio Daily asked some really good questions. Not many bloggers on that I could tell. Only Justin of the Cincy Beacon and Anthony were asking questions.

After listening in though I’m actually pretty excited about Jennifer running. I think she has the right tone and is running for the right reasons. Too early to tell how pumped I’ll get.

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