Just wondering if everyone else is yawning as much as me. Maybe the 5:50pm conference call will liven me up!

Update: Here’s a thought. Wasn’t a Dem criticism of Republicans that they were a revolving door musical chairs? How does this play to that?

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  • Kelan

    I’m from Northeast Ohio and am still pulling for Congressman Tim Ryan to enter the race. So, no, at this point I don’t care – the race doesn’t excite me yet.

  • I wonder if these two going at each other in a primary will encourage more candidates who figure they could win a fractured primary. I suspect it might.

  • Modern Esquire

    The GOP musical chair criticism would apply more to the steps to get Rich Cordray to run for AG than it does here. I honestly don’t see how this comparison fits the Senate primary issue at all. If anything, this is the complete opposite of the GOP “musical chairs” of the 1990s as the movement among Statewide offices was done largely to avoid primaries and to keep the state wide seats.

    In this instance, we’re talking about two statewide candidates running in primary in an open Republican seat.

    How is this same?

  • @3 Probably not but same faces over and over bores me to tears. Most especially these two faces.

    But maybe I’m just in a bad mood. Sonoma to Delaware will do that to most sane people. 😉

  • @2 This race does have the feel of wide open, really. I say we draft Hackett and Chandra and go hog wild!

  • Modern Esquire

    This is the second time Jennifer Brunner has been on a statewide ballot in her life. Which, of course, she would have been on anyways as she’d be running for re-election. Same thing for Fisher as he would otherwise be running for re-election as Lt. Governor. Of course, Fisher has been on four statewide ballots before now.

    So should we scrap the entire slate every four years and forbid candidates from running for other offices or re-election?!?

    Yeah, I think it’s the Sonoma pullin’ ya down, man. 🙂 Or having to go to DE… or both.

  • I live in Delaware. The Ohio one. In Sonoma just a few days ago. Instant downer. It’s probably this Fisher stuff that’s dull. I don’t mind Brunner as much from a bore level. ODP is just so utterly predictable. It’s boring.

    Don’t scrap the slate necessarily, but new names would be good. And these jittery politicos needed the next fix gets old too.

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