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Jennifer Brunner Call

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Just hopped on a blogger call with JB. Basically she’s OHIO through and through, has experience, raised 3 kids and 3 foster kids.

Brunner has no comment on Fisher’s announcement at 6 and playing catch up. Lee told her earlier today that it’d be a couple days

Brunner decided more than a month ago to run. Talked to Emily’s List. Officially filed with FEC. Taking money already

Emily’s List has been a big help. Looks forward to working with them.

Will not step down from SOS role as election gets closer.

Focusing hard on funding out of […]

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You heard it here first!

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Just wondering if everyone else is yawning as much as me. Maybe the 5:50pm conference call will liven me up!

Update: Here’s a thought. Wasn’t a Dem criticism of Republicans that they were a revolving door musical chairs? How does this play to that?

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Speaking from experience, Bristol Palin says in a FOX News interview with Greta Van Susussususussteren that abstinence-only is “not realistic”.

She’s correct, of course. Being a teen mom is hard. Abstinence-only sex education is unrealistic. And, yes, abstaining from sex is the best way to avoid a whole host of headaches. That’s why crazy “loony liberals” like me promote full-spectrum sex education – so that kids understand that abstaining is best, but that if they succumb to their hormones like young Bristol did, they know how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and/or STDs.

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