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Cantor v AFSCME, Round II

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So the public workers’ union AFSCME started running ads this week against Eric Cantor because he is opposing the stimulus bill. And rightfully so. Cantor is a huge fucking tool and he deserves as much shit as we can throw at him.

That said, Cantor’s response is still making me laugh.

In response, Eric decided to email with one of the funniest fucking videos I’ve ever seen on the interwebs: the “we’re fucking AFSCME” video.

I know I’ve posted this a bunch of times, but it never gets old:

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I have audio of President Obama saying the title of this post. Listen to it yourself.


You might be somewhat confused as to why a recording of President Obama exists using such salty language, and it turns out that he had a friend named Ray during his youth who cursed like a sailor, and who was quoted in Dreams From My Father. When Obama made the audio version of the book, he had to read Ray’s quotes aloud. And boy, is it funny.

Hat tip to April Winchell, who also has many many more hilarious recordings.

As a service to our readers, I will continue linking these articles until the series is complete. Salon has profiled three additional soldiers.

In addition to the stories of Adam Lieberman and Ryan Alderman, Salon examined the cases of three other Fort Carson-based soldiers who committed suicide. A number of common themes emerged. 1) A stigma, within the culture of the Army, against seeking mental healthcare; 2) pressure to deploy soldiers despite medical problems; 3) a failure to diagnose or properly treat combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder or brain injuries, despite clear symptoms; 4) a tendency to overmedicate […]

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This is awesome.

Crashing planes into rivers is bad for America.

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