If you need to know anything about Republicanism, this is all you need to read. In fighting Obama’s stimulus bill aimed at digging us out of the hole George W. Bush and his buddies in the Republican Party left us, here is what they fought to exclude:

In a key reduction from the bill that reached the Senate floor earlier in the week, $40 billion would be cut from a “fiscal stabilization fund” for state governments’ education costs, though $14 billion to boost the maximum for college Pell Grants by $400 to $5,250 would be preserved, as would aid to local school districts for the No Child Left Behind law and special education.

A plan to help the unemployed purchase health insurance would be reduced to a 50 percent subsidy instead of two-thirds.

This is the definition of the Republican Party. At a time when we find ourselves at historic lows only matched and exceeded by the Great Depression itself, Republicans fight to lower the education (and economic productivity by extension) and aid to those who have lost their jobs. So know what it is that makes these people tick. Remember it. We are in the shit and these people want to CUT EDUCATION and HEALTH CARE FOR THE UNEMPLOYED.

Keep on truckin’ to total irrelevance people. I love it!

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