From the daily archives: Saturday, February 7, 2009

While running for RNC chairman Michael Steele promised to expand the Republican party. Bigger tent. All that.

But in today’s weekly Republican address Steele showed he might not be ready to tackle the challenge he’s set for himself.

Most of his speech was pretty standard Republican fare. Taxes are too high, government is inefficient, blah blah blah.

Nothing noteworthy there.

But one line specifically caught my eye and it really shows Steele’s limitations. It’s included in the speech right after Steele whines about spending 45 million dollars (0.0056% of the total proposed 800 billion) “for ATV trails and […]

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If you need to know anything about Republicanism, this is all you need to read. In fighting Obama’s stimulus bill aimed at digging us out of the hole George W. Bush and his buddies in the Republican Party left us, here is what they fought to exclude:

In a key reduction from the bill that reached the Senate floor earlier in the week, $40 billion would be cut from a “fiscal stabilization fund” for state governments’ education costs, though $14 billion to boost the maximum for college Pell Grants by $400 to $5,250 would be preserved, as would aid […]

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