Earlier this week Governor Strickland announced employees of the executive branch – including himself – would be taking “pay cuts of 3 percent to 5 percent” to help with Ohio’s $7 billion budget deficit.

It’s a bold move that shows he’s dedicated to getting much-needed services to the people of Ohio without breaking his campaign promise not to raise taxes.

I’m hoping to hear that the other branches will be taking similiar steps very soon – especially the Republican-controlled Senate and the all-Republican Supreme Court.

It’s time for Republicans to step and show they are dedicated to one of the major principles of their party: smaller government.

Chief Justice Tom Moyer, for example, makes $153K a year! Which is 20K more than the Governor makes (before his self-imposed pay cut).

I’m just about to contact Mr. Moyer and Senate President Bill Harris to see if they’ll be voluntarily lowering their own salaries to help out the state.

I’ll post the responses when I receive them.

( Hat tip to the The Buckeye Instute for finally adding something useful on their site: a utility to search the salaries of all state employees. )