• Brian

    I was a fan of Plunderbund, but these last three posts just got you pulled from my RSS feed.

  • @1: Laters

  • Mr. Speaker I ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks.

    I’ve been a Steelers fan since the age of 4. That’s 36 years. I’ve lived in Ohio since 1993. That’s 16 years. Do the math.

    I’m a Steelers fan. We just won our 6th Super Bowl in dramatic fashion. The most of any other team in the NFL. I celebrated by posting on a blog I began in 2005. If that caused you not to “be a fan of Plunderbund” then so be it.

  • J-Dog

    Let’s go Browns!!!

  • lol. now THAT i don’t mind! see? no reason to go all whiny and remove PB from your RSS reader. just represent, that’s all!

  • Brian

    I go to Terry Pluto when I want to talk sports, and I don’t mind his religion columns, as long as he keeps them buried away in the back of the Living section. If he had written a column on the sports page celebrating the passage of the gay marriage amendment, or Sarah Palin becoming vice president, you can bet I’d be done with him, too.

    So it’s not really whining, I don’t think. I’m just saying that when I check my RSS feed in the morning, I’m looking for politics, not a rhetorical fellating of the Steelers.

    I don’t care how long you’ve lived in Ohio, there are just some things people here don’t discuss in polite company, and supporting the Steelers is one of them.

  • How do I say this in the most polite way possible? I know! My fucking blog. I’ll post whatever the fuck I want.

    You can visit. You can not visit. I didn’t carve out this little space to be bothered with such matters of who doesn’t like what in their RSS readers.

    You removed us, so fine. Have a nice day.

    PS – You thought Plunderbund was polite company? LOL!

  • J-Dog

    I’m obviously a Browns fan. However, in north central and northwest Ohio, with the rise of Ben Roethliesberger and Nate Washington, I find the Steelers less annoying. My mother helped deliver Ben when he was born in the Van Wert County Hospital. My father-in-law was his dentist when he was in grade school in Van Wert. My brother’s girlfriend was a HS classmate at Findlay. It’s tough to hate a guy when there are Ohio connections. Nate’s alright too, having graduated from Tiffin University. I STILL love the Browns, though.

  • J-Dog

    Oh…and I still love Plunderbund.

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