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Ohio bloggers – including those here at Plunderbund – used to have a special fondness for Photoshopping up pictures – especially those of politicians and fellow bloggers.

Not so much anymore.

It looks like the Columbus Dispatch noticed – and has decided it’s going to fill that niche.

This picture appeared in today’s paper next to the headline Can Gov. Strickland right the ship?

That’s not even a photoshop job there! No, they went out and hired a professional artist to render Governor Strickland in a scene from The Perfect Storm – right before the boat and all […]

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Don’t expect much flailing of arms and gnashing of teeth from the right on this:

Q. What was your last assignment?

A. I made a photo of the president walking out, seeing Midland, Texas, for the first time as an ex-president. Midland wasn’t the last stop. We went to an event in Waco, where we said our goodbyes and he left for the ranch. Aboard the plane to Waco, he asked me what I was doing. … Then he said, “Let’s keep in touch.” Instead of a handshake, he gave me a fist bump. That’s how it ended.

Just to […]

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She Gave Her the Dress Off Her Back

On January 24, 2009 By

Absolutely beautiful piece over at The Free Press by my good friend Gabrielle Burton. A must read:

I was 2 years old when my mother wore her American flag shirt. I remember growing up in the whirling energy of those times, when things were happening so quickly and tangibly, and each American was part of something important and big.

Now I am nearly the same age my mother was, and my daughter is 2 years old. This summer and fall, I wore that same flag shirt each time I went to a political rally or to work to register […]

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There are a lot of Obama-themed products out there that really suck. And I’ve talked about a few of them recently. Plates containing incomplete information, coins with plastic pasted over the front and toy trains… all complete crap.

But it only seems fair that I mention one that doesn’t totally suck:

Ben and Jerry’s Obama-themed Ice Cream “Yes Pecan”

To be honest, I haven’t tasted it yet – though I’m sure it’s awesome. But even if it sucks, the proceeds go to Common Cause. So you get some good liberal mojo going even if […]

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Finally, A REAL Obama Train

On January 23, 2009 By

Of all of the ridiculous Obama crap I’ve seen people marketing – and man have I seen a lot – this has got to be the most ridiculous: The Barack Obama Collectible Electric Train.

According to the seller, it “Goes Full Steam Ahead in Movement for Change! ”

And it even comes with “Certificates of Authenticity” so you can prove to your friends that you bought the REAL Obama toy train – and not some crappy knock off.

Choo Choo! All Aboard!

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Wow. I shoulda taken the under! Under a week into the new Presidency of Barack Obama and the right has clearly lost it’s ever-loving mind. I mean they are in full on meltdown “WTF just happened Tuesday” mode! It would be joyous if it weren’t so disturbing at the same time. Glenn Beck making an ass out of himself over the second swearing in with no Bible (despite facts). Rush Limbaugh wanting Obama (and America) to fail. Tom Blumer recycling yet again his old 6 degrees of Barack Hussein Obambi Obama terrorism post.

When you strive […]

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Thanks Anthony for the props

On January 23, 2009 By

Thanks to AFoss for highlighting work I did here as well as Tim @bloggerinterrupted. I like to think this kind of thing made a real difference.

PS – I’ve been remiss in noting and celebrating that Anthony has taken over the reigns of Ohio Daily blog from my friend Jeff Coryell (they’re both my friends). Seems to have recruited some excellent talent and the site looks OUTSTANDING!

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The senate confirmed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State a few minutes ago with a vote of 94-2.

I was immediately interested in who cast the two Nay votes – but was not surprised at all when I found out it was DeMint and Vitter.

Jim DeMint, the most conservative member of Congress (National Journal, 2007) and David Vitter, the biggest asshat in Congress (Plunderbund, 2009), never really surprise me with their ultra-conservative views.

And make no mistake, their ultra-conservative views are exactly why they voted against Hillary.

Don’t believe me?


Maybe this will change your mind:


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The Dow is on a big rally at this moment up 279. Very little mention of this on the righty blogs. Was it that good?

…then again all this the market did this during an inauguration speech stuff could just be misinformed claptrap from the peanut gallery right. Uhuh.

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If you’ve done any driving in Columbus, OH you’ve probably seen this lighthouse-looking thing on interstate 71 near the Morse Road exit.

Sometime after the latest Iraq war started, a sign went up on the “prayer tower” (which is supposedly “open 24 hours daily”, whatever that means) asking passers-by to:

Join Us now
in PRAYER for
pres BUSH and

I’ve always wondered about this place. Who are they? Why do they have a big lighthouse? Do they feel like their prayers have been answered? Most importantly: will they be […]

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From Obama’s Inaugural Speech:

For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus — and non-believers.

I’m not going to do an exhaustive search, but I believe this could be the first time “non-believer” was used in an inaugural address. This is the kind of leadership that I’ve been wanting for so very long. Someone who did not just pander to the notion that we are a “Christian Nation”, but acknowledge that we are many with many spiritual paths. It is possible to be a […]

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