This is precisely why I love living in the YouTube generation. You find a great deal of crap there, sure. But every now and then you find pure comedy gold. Absolute sheer unadulterated hilarity. Today’s comes in the form of commentary by a land surveyor turned day trader from Charlotte, North Carolina “walstreetpro”. WARNING: Contains Adult Language and quite possibly will cause you to spew whatever you may be drinking on your laptop or keyboard. You’ve been warned:

If you haven’t cried enough, you might check some of his other videos. Good stuff.

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  • What’s up with the rubber ducky shower curtain?

    Does he do stock trading while sitting on the toilet?

  • Kyle Bates

    well, the video has been pulled by the zionists in charge of youtube.

    now, what did you say about “lving in the youtube generation” ??

    think again !!

    youtube SUCKS, just like any other newspapwer, and that includes google. all controlled media.

    its their plan, first buy out all methods of communication, and then censor the hell out of them.

  • The “zionists in charge of youtube”?

    Youtube was founded by a Bangladeshi (Jawed Karim), a guy from Taiwan (Steve Chen) and a very waspy guy from Pennsylvania (Chad Hurley).


  • Yeah. Sucks I can’t see this again though. Damned Banglatawainylvanians!

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