Mother Jones got some great reaction commentary from Ohio’s own Matt Naugle today about Michael Steele’s big win.

Needless to say, Matt is pissed.

He too was rooting for a big win by Ken Blackwell – but for obviously different reasons. I wholeheartedly believe that Ken Blackwell could single-handedly run the GOP into the ground. Matt thinks the exact opposite.

So when Matt says that “No candidate was more un-Blackwell than Michael Steele”, it is certainly NOT a compliment for the new RNC chairman.

Personally, I think the GOP may have just saved their asses with today’s vote. And, as I mentioned before, it has me worried for 2010.

Matt, however, isn’t so optimistic about the GOP’s chances in the next election cycle…

The Republican Party, with a John McCain candidacy, tried to win on a “big tent” platform and in the process lost its soul. Now, with the election of Steele, they have lost their mind.

I really hope Matt is right.