See? Told ya:


That someone like Obama could be elected president of the United States?with its unrivaled power and prestige?has begun to restore the country?s and the world?s faith in America as the land of opportunity. Gone is the hunkered-down defensiveness of the past eight years, the lock-the-doors, draw-the-curtains, load-the-guns-to-keep-out-the-bad-guys mentality that turned so much of the world against us. In its place is the restoration of that classic American optimism, eyes lifted to the horizon, reaching out across continents and oceans, not in fear, but with faith that we can help build a better world.

How long have I been combining Obama with Ali now? Obama Bomaye!

[Note: If anyone can find out how to get this actual magazine please let me know! Vanity Fair July 2007 Obama/Ali]