Ohio bloggers – including those here at Plunderbund – used to have a special fondness for Photoshopping up pictures – especially those of politicians and fellow bloggers.

Not so much anymore.

It looks like the Columbus Dispatch noticed – and has decided it’s going to fill that niche.

This picture appeared in today’s paper next to the headline Can Gov. Strickland right the ship?

That’s not even a photoshop job there! No, they went out and hired a professional artist to render Governor Strickland in a scene from The Perfect Storm – right before the boat and all of the crew are crushed and drowned by a massive wave.

That’s what I get out of the picture anyway. The Dispatch predicting that a perfect storm of economic problems is going to crush the Strickland administration. Which sounds about right for the Dispatch.

Obviously Ohio’s bloggers don’t have money to hire a professional artist, but I do think we could do a pretty competant job with photoshop to answer this challenge from the Dispatch.

The most obvious response is to put Governor Strickland into other movie scenes that are a little more positive. Maybe as Police Chief Martin Brody staring down Jaws and saying: “you’re going to need a bigger boat”. Or as Rocky staring down the big Russian guy.

But maybe that’s too simple. And making fun of the other guy is so much easier and much more fun.

How about Jon Husted standing in from of his house in Kettering, hands on his cheeks and mouth wide open like McCauley Culkin? Maybe Ken Blackwell as the dad from footloose who won’t let anyone dance? Or maybe as Bill Murray in Caddy Shack trying to kill off the evil Gopher of Gayness?

There’s been a severe shortage of photoshopping lately – and the Dispatch might just be able to win this challenge unless someone is willing to step up.