Wow. I shoulda taken the under! Under a week into the new Presidency of Barack Obama and the right has clearly lost it’s ever-loving mind. I mean they are in full on meltdown “WTF just happened Tuesday” mode! It would be joyous if it weren’t so disturbing at the same time. Glenn Beck making an ass out of himself over the second swearing in with no Bible (despite facts). Rush Limbaugh wanting Obama (and America) to fail. Tom Blumer recycling yet again his old 6 degrees of Barack Hussein Obambi Obama terrorism post.

When you strive for complete irrelevancy this must be what it looks like.

This is going to be fun – in a Sarah Palin kinda way. You want to fear or even get upset at it but all you can muster is laughter. The hysterical kind of laughter that results from someone being so unhinged from reality as to make a mockery of themselves. True and righteous hilarity.

Thankfully we have Jon Stewart, who – again – goes to the point like none other:

…and no, Tom. I won’t apologize for “calling you a motherfucker“, or rather doing so to make a rhetorical point about your use of Hussein as distinct from that of Barack himself. One might think you were intelligent enough to know the difference but maybe not. Your commenting here will be restricted as well (Tom banned me from directly countering his BS at his blog via comments). No comments, trackbacks, or links unless and until you issue a full and open apology to the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama. An apology long overdue for claiming your President may have ties or is sympathetic to or is supporting TERRORISTS. Your move.

I’m glad Tim is watching. Tom Blumer could be a danger to our country and President Obama by using the type of rhetoric he is using. Hopefully the Secret Service is paying attention to Tom Blumer at too! For the safety of our nation. Making a claim that the sitting President of the United States of America is a terrorist, sympathizes with them, or even supports them is as un-American as it gets. One might even argue treasonous.