There are a lot of Obama-themed products out there that really suck. And I’ve talked about a few of them recently. Plates containing incomplete information, coins with plastic pasted over the front and toy trains… all complete crap.

But it only seems fair that I mention one that doesn’t totally suck:

Ben and Jerry’s Obama-themed Ice Cream “Yes Pecan”

To be honest, I haven’t tasted it yet – though I’m sure it’s awesome. But even if it sucks, the proceeds go to Common Cause. So you get some good liberal mojo going even if you don’t like the ice cream.

I haven’t had much luck finding any near me yet. If anyone knows where I can find some please let me know.

  • It’s not in any of the grocery stores yet, you have to get it at one of the “Scoop Shops” they have an online map of the shops in Ohio, closest one to you might be Dayton. Surprisingly there’s one here in NWO.

  • I actually like that kind of ice cream, but now I wont buy it. I am sure they will make up for it, though, with many who will buy it for the opposite reason that I wont.

  • I heard they are going to do some Republican-themed ones as well.

    Rocky Rove, for example, comes with real rocks.

  • @Ben Keeler: LOL. Dude. For real? Back away from the bitter. You are starting to worry me!

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