From the daily archives: Friday, January 23, 2009

There are a lot of Obama-themed products out there that really suck. And I’ve talked about a few of them recently. Plates containing incomplete information, coins with plastic pasted over the front and toy trains… all complete crap.

But it only seems fair that I mention one that doesn’t totally suck:

Ben and Jerry’s Obama-themed Ice Cream “Yes Pecan”

To be honest, I haven’t tasted it yet – though I’m sure it’s awesome. But even if it sucks, the proceeds go to Common Cause. So you get some good liberal mojo going even if […]

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Finally, A REAL Obama Train

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Of all of the ridiculous Obama crap I’ve seen people marketing – and man have I seen a lot – this has got to be the most ridiculous: The Barack Obama Collectible Electric Train.

According to the seller, it “Goes Full Steam Ahead in Movement for Change! ”

And it even comes with “Certificates of Authenticity” so you can prove to your friends that you bought the REAL Obama toy train – and not some crappy knock off.

Choo Choo! All Aboard!

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Wow. I shoulda taken the under! Under a week into the new Presidency of Barack Obama and the right has clearly lost it’s ever-loving mind. I mean they are in full on meltdown “WTF just happened Tuesday” mode! It would be joyous if it weren’t so disturbing at the same time. Glenn Beck making an ass out of himself over the second swearing in with no Bible (despite facts). Rush Limbaugh wanting Obama (and America) to fail. Tom Blumer recycling yet again his old 6 degrees of Barack Hussein Obambi Obama terrorism post.

When you strive […]

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Thanks Anthony for the props

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Thanks to AFoss for highlighting work I did here as well as Tim @bloggerinterrupted. I like to think this kind of thing made a real difference.

PS – I’ve been remiss in noting and celebrating that Anthony has taken over the reigns of Ohio Daily blog from my friend Jeff Coryell (they’re both my friends). Seems to have recruited some excellent talent and the site looks OUTSTANDING!

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