The senate confirmed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State a few minutes ago with a vote of 94-2.

I was immediately interested in who cast the two Nay votes – but was not surprised at all when I found out it was DeMint and Vitter.

Jim DeMint, the most conservative member of Congress (National Journal, 2007) and David Vitter, the biggest asshat in Congress (Plunderbund, 2009), never really surprise me with their ultra-conservative views.

And make no mistake, their ultra-conservative views are exactly why they voted against Hillary.

Don’t believe me?


Maybe this will change your mind:

I am deeply concerned that she will take aim at decades-old policies intended to protect the sanctity of human life. These policies ensure that our foreign assistance money do not fund abortion, and are not used to lobby foreign nations to repeal laws that protect unborn children.

Yep. That’s from a press release on Demint’s Senate Website explaining why he did didn’t vote to confirm Clinton.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

My advice: Get on the Obama train boys – or it’s going to be a long, long four years for you and the rest of your Christo-extremist, nutjob friends if you keep trying to fight the positive and inevitable changes that are on the way.

( Note: Vitter has nothing on his website regarding the Clinton confirmation vote, but I emailed his office and I’ll post any response I get. )