If you’ve done any driving in Columbus, OH you’ve probably seen this lighthouse-looking thing on interstate 71 near the Morse Road exit.

Sometime after the latest Iraq war started, a sign went up on the “prayer tower” (which is supposedly “open 24 hours daily”, whatever that means) asking passers-by to:

Join Us now
in PRAYER for
pres BUSH and

I’ve always wondered about this place. Who are they? Why do they have a big lighthouse? Do they feel like their prayers have been answered? Most importantly: will they be praying for Barack Obama now that he is president?

So I tried to look the place up in Google but they don’t seem to have a website.

I was able to find a couple of references to them though – and it turns out the place is called:

Calvary Temple-Lighthouse Christian Academy School of Tomorrow

I tried to call them to see if 1. they have a website and 2. if they planned to update their sign so people wanting to pray for President Obama could stop by “24 hours daily” but the phone just rang and rang at least 20 times before I gave up.

Apparently the Schools of Tomorrow will not have websites or voicemail.

I’ll try to do a little more research on these guys later today – and I’ll let you know if I eventually get in touch with them.