As a child I was always extremely intrigued and slightly jealous of those who grew up in the 60s. Those who got to say they were there when the struggle for civil rights was being fought for. Those who witnessed the immense changes that were happening in our country. I always wished I could have said I was there. I daydreamed about what I would do in those times.

I always wondered what it was like to be in any watershed moment of our country.

Today, we are witness to one of those events.

It arrives on the back of the 60s, an era in which i was born but just barely. Today this country once again rises up and proves it’s greatness.

And we are witness.

This is a moment that is incredibly hard for me to write about because language is incapable of expressing what I feel. Followers of this blog and my political writing have probably wondered where I’ve been. I’ve been spent. The end of the election felt like winning a 12 round heavyweight title fight. The objective was reached, but the subject was spent. Unable to walk even out of the ring. Engaging in modern day Presidential political discourse is entirely exhausting. The fact that we were able to defeat the vile nature of the attacks launched during this cycle makes me smile. That the Palin Mob’s were overcome by decent Americans despite the candidate’s dark skin and our racial baggage fills me with pride in both the democratic process and our great country.

I’m going to sit and watch Barack HUSSEIN Obama be sworn in with my oldest daughter and know that she now understands how lucky we are to be alive in this moment…in this country. I won’t have to speak a word to communicate this fact. It’s fundamental to the times in which she is living.

Congratulations America.

We ought to all be humbled that we are witnesses to this extraordinary time.

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