With a $7 Billion budget deficit looming over Ohio, Governor Strickland proved last night that he willing to do whatever it takes to save taxpayer dollars.

While other politicians were living it up in swank DC hotels, Ted Strickland was sleeping on the floor of Ohio’s Washington, D.C. office.

He even washed his hair in the sink.

Not THAT is commitment.

  • J-Dog

    Way to go Governor Strickland! Excellent move!

  • I’m sorry. This is lame.

  • J-Dog

    Aw, hell, Blackwell’s still looking for his belt buckle…

  • Well, I don’t know the real reason. Maybe he just couldn’t get a room. But I thought I’d give it a positive spin.

    And it doesn’t seem too far out. After all, this is the guy who lived in a chicken shack as a kid after his house burned down.

  • I’d be much more impressed if this was never spoken of at the time but discovered later and reported on months after. This is just a set up publicity stunt.

    Give me meat, not this crap. You can’t put a dent in $7 billion by saving money at a Motel 6.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great symbolic gesture. What if it had been paired with a press release on a new policy for government travel and entertainment? Now that’s something I could get my arms around.

  • I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a story pushed by Ted’s press staff at all. And it wasn’t picked up by any other paper as far as I know. Just DDN. And I don’t think the story even mentioned the budget – that was my take on it.

    I just thought it said something positive about our Governor that he’s not above crashing on the floor if necessary.

    Could you imagine reading about another Governor doing this? Sarah Palin washing her hair in the sink? Or Blogojovich??

  • @6: My argument is this isn’t really “necessary” in any other way than to be a publicity stunt. Ted is a humble fellow and a good guy, but we don’t need him sleeping on the floor. I’d rather him get some good rest in a decent hotel so that he can make the best decisions possible that actually matter. The ones that save billions, not a couple hundred.

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