Columbus Monthly magazine has selected Cindy Stankoski and Vanessa Stout as their persons of the year…


  • Wow…too bad they couldn’t get 900,000 for the magazine cover, then the whole thing could have been over.


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  • Skeptic

    Since when is a black V-neck sweater and black pants a skin-tight body suit? I see women of all ages wearing the same at any company at any day of the week. You people just want to say something negative no matter what it is…enough already.

  • “You people”?

    What do you mean by “You people”?

  • rachel123

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to sexually harass vanessa stouts fat ugly ass. I feel horrible for the guy she accused. You don't have to harass her to get some from her she will give her body to anyone. I feel bad for her kids :(…they don't stand a chance with her for a mother..

  • mvirenicus

    Sounds like my kinda woman, and I don't see anything particularly fat or unattractive about the two women pictured above, but I'll still be damned if I can figure out why dann lost office over this non-story. Only in ohio.

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