Seriously. Tripp. Two P’s.

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston

No word on why they named the kid Tripp. But I just emailed the Alaska Governor’s Office with that question.

Until I hear otherwise, I’m running with the theory that Bristol and Levi named their kid after their favorite brand of jeans, Tripp, sold exclusively at Hot Topic.

  • Dana

    Easton is easy, it’s an archery and sporting goods company.

    Tripp is usually the name of a THIRD child. So the last one was hers, but there’s another one yet? Given up for adoption?

  • That DOES make me wonder, Dana. Where is that other missing child?

    But I figured Easton was a reference the the Easton Town Center shopping mall in Columbus, Ohio. They have a huge Hot Topic there. Bristol probably visited it while on the campaign trail with her mom and fell in love with this teen retail paradise.

  • J-Dog

    Here’s my theory: Levi “tripped” Bristol’s trigger and got her pregnant in the first place. Ergo, “Tripp”!!!

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