From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Availability is one of the biggest hurdles to becoming an addict. You want to know why so many people are nicotine addicts? Availability is the answer. Cigarettes are available everywhere, 24 hours a day. So addiction is easy and relatively cheap.

Not so much with something like OxyContin, which is a highly controlled, Schedule II narcotic. It might be easy to get your hands on a few pills from your friend after his appendectomy, but if you really want to be an addict you need a stable supply of the stuff.

So when I first read about Track Palin’s […]

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Bristol Palin’s baby was supposedly due on the 18th. Five days overdue now and counting.

Readers have been suggesting names for the new addition to Palin family so I thought I’d post some of them while we wait for more news.

Hanlon suggests Winchester, Grunt, and Shoulderpads. I wish I’d thought of Winchester, that’s a great name!

J-Dog has an extensive list going including Starr (after Ken), Algaem, Naugle, Wurzelbacher or Plumber, Lichen, Liverwort, Lemongrass and Nugent.

Zamboni seems to be the most popular one so far. Followed by Maverick.

Personally, I’m still thinking it’s going to […]

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