From the daily archives: Monday, December 22, 2008

The final IG reports related to Marc Dann are out but I don’t think anyone is really surprised.

Dann misused campaign funds and abused state resources and helped out his friends and family with money and gifts.

It’s still worth reading just to see the extent to which Dann abused the system and his position, but at the end of the day the IG report just confirmed what we already knew: Marc Dann is a sleazy dirtbag who will never, ever, ever hold political office again.

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The Mike Huckabee Comedy Hour

On December 22, 2008 By

I keep recording “Huckabee”, Mike Huckabee’s talk show on the Fox News Channel, because it really is comedy gold. There is so much funny stuff in there that I’d like to write about. I really wish I could sit all the way through an episode and record all of the humor for you.

Of course, it isn’t intended to be comedy. But every time I watch it I end up laughing my ass off.

It is really low budget – like one of those day-time talk shows or one of those infomercials you see late at night. It has a […]

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