I spent the day travelling home from Spokane Washington after a record snowfall hit the Northwest yesterday. A lot of people are going to be sleeping on airport floors tonight and if I believed in a God I’d be thanking her furiously right now for getting me home on time.

Anyway, while spending the whole day travelling I missed a couple of stories that deserved my commentary…

1. Rob Blagojovich and his hair gave a press conference claiming he is innocent and will fight to the end to prove it. Bullshit. I’m taking bets right here and now that this guy will be giving a press conference before the end of January apologizing to his family and the people of Illinois for all of the hurt he caused them.

2. Casey Anthony’s daughter’s remains were foun- blah, blah, blah… who cares? Seriously. If you want to watch sad stories about hillbillies who kill their children please tune in to Nancy Grace on Headline News.

3. Levi Johnston’s mom was arrested on felony drug charges in Wassilla Alaska by the Alaska State Troopers. Bwaaaahhahahahaaa!