If I ran a bakery and some racist hick called me up asking me to make a birthday cake for his son, whose name just happens to be Adolf Hitler, I would enthusiastically respond, “Absolutely! Would you like all white frosting?”

And when they arrived to pick up their order I would hand them a dark chocolate cake frosted with a big, gay rainbow bearing the words: Happy Bar Mitzvah Adolph Goldstein.

  • What if they softened his name by adding “Lucifer” to it?

  • breadandroses

    LOL. There is so much to say about these horrible, horrible people but you just made me laugh so much. The thing is, I don’t think they would actually GET the joke. Another blog talked about names too. Parents names. Deborah Campbell, the mother for example. Just wondering if she knows that her name is Hebrew meaning “Bee”. Just wondering Debbie, Hebrew, you know. Oh, you don’t? Thought so.

  • That is some funny, right there.

  • J-Dog

    Growing up in west central Ohio, I lived across the road from a guy named “Adolf” who was born in the early 1930s. His mother admitted that they named him after Hitler. Of course, when this guy was born, Hitler was getting credit for doing all those “good things” that Marge Schott used to talk about, and this was before Hitler “went too far…” according to Mrs. Schott.

    So, I can forgive some people for being named “Adolf”…but only if they are at least 70 years old!

    Save me a piece of that rainbow chocolate cake, and throw on a scoop or two of some ice cream with birthday confetti sprinkles in it for good measure!

  • #2: Sometimes humor is the best way of dealing with idiots like this.

    #4: There is absolutely no excuse for naming your kid Adolf-fucking-Hitler in 2008 unless a. you totally hate your kid and want him to be a serial killer or b. you are a brain-dead racist fuck.

    oh.. and #3: come on Eric! You know you want to start posting again. 🙂 Make it my Christmas present!

  • J-Dog

    @5 — The guy I was talking about was named that before the true evil of Hitler was understood. I agree that you’d have to be a buffoon to name a kid that now…or at any point in history after, say, 1940.

    Fortunately, my neighbor on the other side, Idi-Amin Smith, has not had any children yet…

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