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The War on Festivus

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Hilarity in Washington State…

Someone made official request to put up a Festivus pole next to the more traditional Menorah and Nativity scene holiday decorations at the state Capitol’s rotunda.

Local religous nutjobs are pissed.

One Pastor got so mad at members of the anti-religion group that made the request he busted out the breakfast food/hell comparisons:

“Hey I believe in Jesus Christ and if you don’t, that’s alright cause you’re gonna fry like a Jimmy Dean pure pork sausage.”

I have already started researching how to make a similiar request in Ohio for next year.

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This may actually be the quote of the year or maybe the decade! Without a doubt the quote of the week though.

But before I show you quote, you need a little background info.

1. The US Auto makers have been doing really poorly lately and are asking for a loan from the US government that must be approved by Congress.

2. David Vitter is a Senator from LA who admitted to having sex with prostitutes after his phone number was discovered on the client list of the ‘DC madame’ last year. He’s recently been seen on TV railing against […]

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