I caught a lot of shit for suggesting that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy to cover up her daughter’s pregnancy.

Though the Palins never admitted to that, they were forced to reveal that Bristol Palin was pregnant.

At the time they said the baby was due Dec. 18.

I figured they would come up with some excuse as the date approached, but so far nothing.

But you betcha I’m going to follow up on this.

One week to go.

Anyone want to guess the boy’s name?

  • J-Dog

    How about “John McCain Palin”?

  • Assuming she is really pregnant and actually does have a baby, I’m willing to bet $100 that she gives the kid a popular name like Aiden or Jayden or Caden or one of the other top 25 boy names this year.

    One hundred bucks. Any takers?

  • Just to be clear, you have to provide your own set of names too if you want to bet. Has to be 25 or fewer.

  • Didn’t Sarah say she wanted to name a kid Zamboni? Sounds good to me.

    I’m inspired, myself. As I’ve said before, I now plan on naming my kids Winchester, Grunt, and Shoulderpads.

  • Zamboni is an awesome name. Way too cool for a Palin though.

    I figure she’ll name her kid after some celebrity kid. Or something similiar.

    Preston Sean. Or Banana.

    Something cheesy like that.

    But if she really wants to be cool, she’d pick the best baby name ever:

    Moxie CrimeFighter.

  • J-Dog

    Some other possibilities:

    Starr (after Ken)
    Wurzelbacher or Plumber

  • Zamboni is a very interesting name and also extraordinary.

  • rosel

    Maverick for a boy. McCaina for a girl.

  • Emi

    I just thought I’d let you know that Bristol is supposed to have her baby on the 20th. Her grandfather just gave an interview to People Magazine and said that its due on the 20th. And I bet she’ll pick a great name, and I think she’ll be a great mom. And Sarah Palin will make a great grandmother. I’m very excited to see this wonderful little boy! I’m hoping Zamboni.

  • Two important factors:

    1. Teen mothers often choose non-traditional names

    2. Sarah Palin is positioning herself for a place on the national stage as a hardcore conservative.

    So I assume the kid will have a name that is non-traditional and yet biblical.

    Maybe Noah Zamboni Johnston.

    (Assumes Briston marries Levi Johnston and takes his last name)

  • frank burns

    The Palins thought that everyone would just sort of forget about Bristol’s pregnancy. That’s why they never bothered to announce a miscarriage. They were also hoping to maybe get one adopted on the black market. They actually found a girl who was pregant, who wanted the money and said OK, but she was due in January. They were hoping she’d accept induced labor, but then she balked at it. Now Bristol is in hiding, since she isn’t at all pregant without the false cushions, and they are hoping that during the Holiday Season no one will pay much attention. Sarah herself is very calm about it. She has a long history of living with a wide separation between her purported situation and reality.

  • warriorwolfwoman

    What about GOPher for a name for the baby. Since they are such hardcore Republicans.

    “Hardcore” Palin-Johnson works for me also.

  • Saw a u-tube video that had a
    african-american boy saying he was the father. Anyday now we will find out if he was speaking the truth. Boy that would be funny if it was so.

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  • Maggie Mae

    Maybe she’ll name the baby Barack Biden Palin. Now wouldn’t THAT be hysterical! If she does, I hope she keeps the name Palin just to tick off Barack and Biden.

  • Lassiter

    Let’s see, how about TRIG!!!

  • Bobby Norwich

    Bristol will name her baby ‘Twenty-twelve Palin.’

    Bristol will name her baby ‘Twenty-twelve Palin.’

  • Harmonika Savingsbonds

    I must confess to liking the following names for the little dribbling:





  • Emi

    Hey how about Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston? I like her pick. Congratulaitons Bristol Palin.

  • harmonikasavingsbonds

    Buttplug and Gum disease.

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