A loyal reader informed me today that the makers of the racist Obama sock monkey doll are back at it.

They are advertising their product using Google ads again. This one showed up in Google Mail:

In addition to the Obama Sock Monkey, they are also selling a John McCain doll.

Call me overly sensitive if you want, but a monkey doll named after a black man is racist no matter how many white monkey dolls you surround it with.

  • J-Dog

    Bigotry is very difficult to remove from people It wasn’t reasoned in, and it cannot easily be reasoned out.

    As I left a polling place on election day, a 55 year old black man was going into the polling place, and an 85 year old white woman was on her way out. The white woman sneered at the black man and said, “Go on! Go do your dirty work!” How disgusting and disconcerting! I wanted to turn around and give the old bag a piece of my mind, but to do so would only have further embarrassed the object of her scorn.

    I have a dream that some day this crap won’t happen in the United States of America any longer.

  • Fortunately all of the 85 year old racists will be dead soon.

  • I emailed them this: I can’t believe you are making this doll again! Didn’t you learn your lesson the first time? The people holding up monkeys at Sarah Palin rallies were all over the news–I guess that’s your target audience, huh? I notice that there’s a long, glowing description of Senator McCain on his page, while there is nothing but a monkey image for PRESIDENT-ELECT Obama.

    And got this in return: We didn’t realize the sock monkey police were still patroling the internet.
    Please send us your badge number so we can verify your complaint!

    Douchebags. Well, I reported them to the media once, I can do it again!

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