It’s kind of funny looking back and seeing how different things were a year ago.

Hillary Clinton was still in the running for President. Marc Dann was still in office and being asked to apologize for his Jesus on Good Friday comments. But, funniest of all, Ohio’s righty bloggers were still trying to convince us that the economy was strong.

My favorite good economy evangelist has to be Tom Blumer over at BizzyBlog. Tom was so fucking wrong in almost every economic prediction he made last year that I am completely surprised he hasn’t shut the whole blog down and started over.

Pretty funny given that this guy teaches other people “money management, retirement, and investing” for living.

According to Tom’s Testimonials, Matt Naugle called him “a more talented, natural economist than any of those pointy-headed Keynesian halfwits.”

Which shows just how little both of these bloggers understand about anything related to the economy.

As we are now well aware, the economy was, one year ago, headed quickly downward. Yet Tom Blumer spent the entire month of November 2007 trying to disprove rumors of a recession and convince his readers the economy was doing great.

I’d love to include more examples, but BizzyBlog really is painful to search and even more painful to read.

So you’ll have to trust me when I saw the following examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

On November 20th, 2007 Tom suggested MarketWatch should be running with the headline “Economists: U.S Will Dodge Recession.”

Today’s actual headlines show a different story as U.S. Automakers beg for a bailout, Citigroup considers selling itself, U.S. stocks slide to 11-year lows and, of course: “We’ll be in Great Depression 2 by 2011 — here are 30 reasons why”.

Tom Blumer: Fail

On November 26th Tom post the great news about Cessna planning to add 1,500 jobs in 2008.

Last week Cessna announced it is cutting 665 jobs.

Tom Blumer: Fail

On November 27th Tom promised his readers that the retail sector is “both growing and profitable” and “consumers are in pretty good shape”

And where are we now?

“Retailers looking to cut costs during a slowing economy cut 38,100 jobs on a whole in October. The drop was the 11th consecutive month of job losses in the sector.”

Tom Blumer: Fail

On November 29, 2007 Tom wants people to believe that “home-price declines are not pervasive throughout the nation”.

The Dispatch reported yesterday that home prices are down 5.5 in Central Ohio and almost 10 percent nationally!

Tom Blumer: Fail