From the daily archives: Thursday, November 20, 2008

It’s kind of funny looking back and seeing how different things were a year ago.

Hillary Clinton was still in the running for President. Marc Dann was still in office and being asked to apologize for his Jesus on Good Friday comments. But, funniest of all, Ohio’s righty bloggers were still trying to convince us that the economy was strong.

My favorite good economy evangelist has to be Tom Blumer over at BizzyBlog. Tom was so fucking wrong in almost every economic prediction he made last year that I am completely surprised he hasn’t shut the whole blog down and […]

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Yesterday’s news that McCain has narrowly captured Missouri’s electoral votes has broken a streak of Missouri picking the presidential election winner running back to 1956.

This means that Ohio – with a streak of picking the winner running back 12 elections (the last time we were wrong was 1960) – is the nation’s new bellwether.

Take that, Missouri.

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