To defend Barack HUSSEIN Obama or Ayman al-Zawahri. With us or against us!

  • Eric,
    Unlike you on the left, who practically agreed with terrorists about George W. Bush for the last 8 years, some of us on the right will not just sit back and say nothing.

    What the no.2 at al queda said was disgusting and wrong. I may not like Barack Obama, but he is a human being. I may not agree with his politics, but he is an American. I may not support some of his appointments, but he does happen to be the Prez-elect of the nation I love and call home. The comments should be condemned and should further show what GW Bush and those your side pilloried for the past eight years have been trying to fight against….

  • Thanks for making the right choice, Mark.

  • 7 years, and he’s still at large. not for long, i wager.

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