So I’m still not sold on Barack Obama’s choice of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. I’d much rather see him choose Bill Richardson. But either way, he’s doing a good job of keeping his appointments (or leaks of possible appointees) diverse.

In addition to his possible selection of a woman (or hispanic) for Secretary of State, he has chosen a Jew (Rahm Emanuel) for his Chief-of-Staff and leaks have revealed that he is considering Eric Holder, an African American, for Attorney General.

There does seem to be a pattern here.

I predict that his next pick will probably be a white guy. Just to show people that he isn’t too radical.

But after that, he’ll be making an appointment from the LGBT community and a Republican – not necessarily in that order.

Personally, I’d like to see him pick Republican Chuck Hagel and transgender Mayor Stu Rasmussen. Again, not necessarily in that order.