Yesterday we started talking about the list of homophobes from Ohio who contributed money to help pass the gay marriage ban in California.

Blogger Interrupted has already exposed the guy who works at NASA (Bradley Baker) and the certified diversity contractor (Lucinda Noel).

Peter Potente is up next.

Peter Potente is the owner of a plastics company in Dayton called Plastic Products, Ltd.

He’s a member of the Dayton Chamber of Commerce.

Oh, and he’s a homophobe.

Two years ago he made a couple of contributions to Ken Blackwell – Ohio’s leading homophobe – during Ken’s failed run for Governor.

This year Peter decided to skip the political contributions and donate his money directly to an organization that hates gays as much as he seems to: the national organization for marriage.


It turns out Peter is not just a single-issue guy.

Judging by this comment on the Montgomery County GOP blog he also seems to have signed on to the anti-union, pro-school voucher and muslim-hating aspects right wing nuttery:

“political correctness dictates that God is taken out of the classroom with a threat from the ACLU and (for recent example in another public school system) replaced with mandatory field trips to the local mosque (with headscarves for the girls to boot)”

You’ve just been upgraded Peter. From a simple homophobe to a full-fledged wing nut. Congrats!