When I first received my absentee ballot I posted about Richard Duncan, an independent candidate whose name was listed as a candidate for U.S. President.

A little more research revealed more info about Mr. Duncan – who turns out to be a pretty interesting guy who has run for other state and local offices in the past.

He got his name listed on the ballot in Ohio as an official Presidential candidate, not just a write-in candidate, and that is no small feat.

He didn’t have a big campaign website or any advertising, as far as I know. And yet he still managed to get almost four thousand votes.

Compare that to Alan Keyes, a nationally known conservative politician, who only pulled off 31 votes in Ohio this year. This seems like a pretty good showing for a guy who no one had heard of a few months ago.

Don’t get me wrong here, Duncan’s political beliefs are not anywhere near mine and if he ever became a serious candidate for office I would probably be supporting his Democratic opponent.

But I think Richard Duncan has shown us that our political system really does allow anyone to run for offfice – even the highest office in the nation.

Congrats Richard.