Something interesting has been happening over the past few days.

Mixed in with the typical Penis Enlargement and Russian Dating Site spam, I’ve been getting a bunch of Barack Obama-themed junk email.

Most recently I got one titled “Barak Obama sex scandal”. The body of the email simply reads: “Barak Obama p0rn video, file attached, watch him”.

It’s obviously spam. Any fool can tell that.

You can tell just by the title. Or the fact that the spam filter placed it into the junk mail folder. Or that the email expects the receiver to believe that the newly elected president of the United States made a sex video.

All obvious clues.

But I’m sure there are some people (e.g. right wing radio listeners) out there who got this email and really thought “Wow! This must be the video Michael Savage was talking about! I’m totally gonna click it.”

And I suppose this is the type of fool the sender was targeting.

If the guy is lucky, his virus protection software stopped the download and quickly responded with something like:

WARNING: Virus “Trojan Horse” found.

If not, he’ll be spending the next few weeks trying to figure out why his computer is so much slower than it was yesterday and maybe why strange people keep buying shit with his credit cards.

And that’s what you get for thinking Barack Obama made a sex video.