PD Openers Blog asks “Could Capri Cafaro become the next Ohio Senate Minority Leader?”

This question – which I’ll answer in a second – has sparked some conversation among Ohio’s lefty bloggers.

Modern over at BSB is actually kind of freaking out about the thought of having Capri Cafaro replace our current (and completely ineffective) Senate Minority Leader Ray Miller.

Modern is supporting Tom Roberts for the position, and that makes a lot of sense.

Tom is an experienced Ohio politician from Dayton who has served in the State Senate since 2002. Before that he served as a State Representative.

And if it was up to me, I’d choose Tom as well.

But I do feel like I have to defend Capri a little.

She isn’t a lightweight. Despite her inexperience and youthful good looks, she certainly is not the Sarah Palin of Ohio Politics.

Capri went to Stanford. She got her Master’s from Georgetown. She worked for Senator Kennedy.

She may be ambitious but in politics that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They’ve been saying the same thing about Barack Obama for 2 years now.

I’m 100% behind the decision to choose Roberts as the next Senate Minority leader, but I might also consider Capri for Assistant.

So coming back to the question “Could Capri Cafaro become the next Ohio Senate Minority Leader?” – the answer is most likely no. She will not and should not be the next senate minority leader.

But keep your eye on this gal. She isn’t going away any time soon.