Netflix delivered Forgetting Sarah Marshall today. I was expecting Hell Boy 2, but hey – you take what you get I guess.

So I’m watching FSM this afternoon and every time I see that guy who plays the page on 30 Rock (Jack McBrayer) I think: Damn! He sure looks a lot like Rich Cordray (Ohio’s newly elected Attorney General).

You decide…

  • J-Dog

    It’s Cordray…or, is it corduroy? Either way, he’s wearing the pants, baby!

  • J-Dog

    …and, I might add, if Dann had kept his pants on, HE’D still be wearin’ ’em!

  • Personally, I’m pretty happy with the way the office is being run right now.

    There’s a lot to be said for appointing non-politicians to political office.

    They don’t have big egos. They aren’t looking to use their current office as a stepping stone to something bigger. etc.

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