It wasn’t about fear and loathing, like the Republicans tried to make it. It was about hope, unity, and the future. It was about this:

  • I read your headline in email and was totally ready to read some long and inspiring prose you’ve been contemplating for days. No offense, but this was better. 😉

  • Swanny

    Nice photo. Even though it is obviously Photoshopped, it still acurately portrays the sentiment of this campaign.

  • @2: LOL. What looks Photoshopped about it?

  • Dana

    Ya know, on Tuesday night (and into Wednesday morning) I too thought this election was about “hope, unity and the future.” At first I thought my husband’s shout of “We win!” was a joke, and then I thought it was an aberration. But no. As much as I’m inspired by the nature of the campaign that brought Obama victory, I’m disappointed by the win/lose mentality of many of his supporters. 🙁

  • I know my limitations, Eric. 😀

    Dana, there was a win involved. So “we win” isn’t such an odd reaction. 🙂 It is what comes after that is much more important.

  • @4: Campaigns are win/lose propositions. That doesn’t mean we can’t hope for national unity afterward. You have to win first though.

  • Bottom line: most of us win with this election. For sure, there will be losers. But those are the people that have been disproportionally “winning” for the past 8 years. And yet an argument can be made that we will all eventually win.

    Unfortunately for the time being, many of us will continue to lose: homes, jobs, retirement savings. Hopefully Obama can do the things needed to ease that suffering and help America remember what it actually means to be a world leader.

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