Fox News throwing Sarah Palin under the bus. Revealing, among other things, that she doesn’t know which countries signed the NAFTA agreement and that Africa is a continent and not a country.

They also reveal that she refused to accept help preparing for the Katie Couric interview.

(ht tpm)

  • Though I loathe and despise Palin, I think that some McCain aides are trying to pin the failure of the campaign on her, instead of on the shitty campaign itself. I don’t know how much I trust all of these anecdotes.

  • obama

    ye palin was pretty stupid wan’t she?

  • Nate

    Well, you all are in good company…it was a hoax.

  • Damn MSM. So unreliable. Guess you should just read blogs for real news.

    I’m still not convinced she’s not this dumb. All other evidence points to it being a real possibility. The source may be bogus, but she still can see Russia from her house!

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