In 2004 Bush was proud to have actually won the popular vote (62,028,285 – 59,028,109) and the election with an EV margin of 35 (286 – 251). He arrogantly proclaimed that he had earned “political capital” and intended to spend it. Boy did he.

For the math savants that’s a 3,000,176 vote difference.

So what does more than double that buy you? Obama won the popular vote by 7,242,818 votes. He won the Electoral College by 187 (349 – 162) as of now.

Just how much cash does he have to spend? Smells like mandate to me!

  • Well, Bush did such a wonderful job raiding the national coffers, Obama is going to have a very difficult time spending anything. Taxes will have to go up. We’ll have to draw down in Iraq ASAP. Military spending will need to be clipped. Foreign aid is going to have to take a hit. And domestic government spending has to be trimmed. I wouldn’t mind dismantling the DHS. But I doubt that will happen.

    Regardless, Obama may have a ton of political capital to spend, he’ll have very little real capital to work with. The next four years are going to be rough.

  • Eric,

    Congrats on the win. Obviously I am not pleased politicaly, but it was a great symbolic moment for the USA.

    Losing these things is no fun, as I am sure you know. But winning is great, so enjoy.

    I lost our bet, and you will hear from me.


  • Thanks Ben. It is big of you to acknowledge the historic nature of this election. I’m jazzed to win, but mostly because I hope we can leaverage it to usher in a different political tone. It will probably never happen, but you have to try.

    I’ve admired how Kyle and you handle yourselves being from different political leanings. I think we’d all do well to emulate that.

    Hopefully we can meet someday soon. I’ve been thinking some type of event where political bloggers from all sides can participate might be a good idea. I’ve found seeing people in person tends to bridge a gap that sometimes fosters invective.

    Thanks for stopping by man and thanks especially for the way you approached this comment.

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