Two years ago I spent way too much time worrying about the race for Ohio’s 15th congressional district (where I live). The race between Mary Jo Kilroy and Deb Pryce became pretty nasty and the results were amazingly close.

And even though we were winning back important State-wide offices that year, I wanted a Democrat representing me in Congress and I was worried I wouldn’t get it.

It would have been much easier if Pryce just got a clear win and the whole thing was over on election night. But that didn’t happen.

Instead Kilroy refused to concede because the numbers were so close and a planned recount was announced in late November.

The actual recount didn’t start until early December after being delayed by a football game between OSU and Michigan.

I worried way too much back then. And for what? We still lost.

But this year things looked different. Things looked great, actually. I haven’t been worrying at all this time around.

Mary Jo announced her intentions to run again for the seat very early on. And she avoided a primary runoff when the other Democrat, Paula Brooks, kindly stepped out of the way to let Mary Jo try for the seat one more time.

Better still, Deborah Pryce announced last August that she wouldn’t be running for re-election, meaning Kilroy wouldn’t be running against an incumbent this time.

Pryce’s retirement seemed to catch the Ohio Republican Party totally off guard. They had a hell of a time finding someone to run for the seat. They went through a long list of potential candidates and eventually Steve Stivers stepped up.

The Kilroy campaign jumped on Stivers immediately – labeling him a former bank lobbyist who didn’t care about the district’s working folks. And when the economy turned to complete shit, it seemed like this message could only resonate more with voters.

Mary Jo was up in all of the polls and outspending Stivers on ads right up until election day.

And then the results came in on Tuesday night and fuck me if it’s not too close to call again!

The AP calls it for Stivers and then retracts their call. The Dispatch posts the story and then pulls it.

And guess what? Now I’m worried again, God damn it!

I’m worried again. Worried I’m going to jinx the whole damn thing by paying too much attention to it; following it; worrying about it.

But mainly, I’m worried I’ll jinx it by writing about it. So I am not going to do it. Not this time.

This is all you are going to get from me on the topic until someone concedes. Seriously.

If you want more information about what is happening right now with the vote counting and the ballot problems, with the drama of the race for Ohio’s 15th congressional district, then I recommend you check out Buckeye State Blog or Progress Ohio.

Hell, go check out some right wing blogs for all I care.

But don’t look here. Because you aren’t going to hear me say another damn word about it until someone concedes. Preferably Steve Stivers.