Tom Blumer: “Say hello to the Punk President”

Ralph King: “I am embarrassed, ashamed and disgusted of what our country has become.”

Matt Hurley (Lone voice of some kind of reason): “Actually, it wasn’t a horrible night for me…”

Matt Naugle: Last post is October 21

taxman Gordo: “Welcome to the United States of Detroit.”

Nixguy: “Perhaps some people are blacker than others.”

ROTC: “Barack Hussein Obama’s Kenyan family to celebrate by slaughtering bulls, chicken and goats”

Invincible Armor: “Obama Is Our President…And he will oversee the loss of the greatness of America.”


Brain Shavings: “Time to buy a gun while it’s still legal. Here’s to grandfather clauses.”

This would be further evidence that just because we elected a black man President doesn’t mean prejudice and racism will magically go away.

While it is tempting to enjoy this meltdown and laugh at these bloggers, it’s sad really. About as sad as seeing McCain supporters boo their President-Elect. It is impossible to know whether the likes of these righty bloggers will ever come along to a new post-partisan America. My guess is no, but the offer still needs to be made. Take some time to let the wounds heal guys…then let’s go about coming together in whatever ways we can. If not we’ll just leave you behind, but I honestly hope the majority of you will decide to come along.