Tom Blumer: “Say hello to the Punk President”

Ralph King: “I am embarrassed, ashamed and disgusted of what our country has become.”

Matt Hurley (Lone voice of some kind of reason): “Actually, it wasn’t a horrible night for me…”

Matt Naugle: Last post is October 21

taxman Gordo: “Welcome to the United States of Detroit.”

Nixguy: “Perhaps some people are blacker than others.”

ROTC: “Barack Hussein Obama’s Kenyan family to celebrate by slaughtering bulls, chicken and goats”

Invincible Armor: “Obama Is Our President…And he will oversee the loss of the greatness of America.”


Brain Shavings: “Time to buy a gun while it’s still legal. Here’s to grandfather clauses.”

This would be further evidence that just because we elected a black man President doesn’t mean prejudice and racism will magically go away.

While it is tempting to enjoy this meltdown and laugh at these bloggers, it’s sad really. About as sad as seeing McCain supporters boo their President-Elect. It is impossible to know whether the likes of these righty bloggers will ever come along to a new post-partisan America. My guess is no, but the offer still needs to be made. Take some time to let the wounds heal guys…then let’s go about coming together in whatever ways we can. If not we’ll just leave you behind, but I honestly hope the majority of you will decide to come along.

  • Me2

    Wrong. Post-partisan means selling out. If Obama breaks his promises, I hope you’ll go after him, not play lapdog.

  • way to cherry pick dude.

    I sincerely congratulate Obama on his win, which is what I said in the article before the one you linked.

    But that doesn’t mean the media gets a pass.

  • Wrong. Doesn’t mean selling out at all. You keep your principles while trying to figure out a way to work together and discontinue stuff like personal attacks and insane fear mongering.

    I have no idea who you are – or if you are a blogger listed who is posting anonymously.

    If Obama breaks his promises I’ll surely go after him. I think I’ve shown an ability to go after those who are left leaning. I don’t look to be blogging as much though, so I wouldn’t expect me to catch every little thing.

    The bottom line here is that last night’s election was a HUGE mandate for a new liberalism. You simply must get used to that. I think Obama will govern from center-left. I think that’s about the best place to be. Center-right took a hit. Extreme conservatism is dead. Christo-fascim is dead. Neocons have been dead.

    You don’t have to sell out to buy in. Be a part of the new American generation. Don’t toss sand in the gears just for spite of losing. See the losing for what it is. The American people spoke. Hope won over fear. That should be saluted, not denigrated.

  • @2: You did, Dave. Maybe you don’t deserve to be lumped in with the others. I just wish you’d dispense with the constant race whining.

    Time will tell if you deserve to be lumped in with this group, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. I appreciate your sincere congratulations. That takes some level of integrity this short from a loss.

    The media did not make a big deal out of the people you mention in your post for two reasons: 1. They LOST 2. They were not the first black PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

    I hope you get the distinction.

    Thanks for the congrats and let’s do figure out a way to move beyond partisan bickering and figure out how we can help our country move forward. I suggest in the post above as it relates to you that not making statements like “some people must be blacker than others” is a step in that direction.

  • Damn fine job there compiling this list!! Now go wake up Tim Russo and get him going.

    By the way, I already went over to Blumer’s blog and offered him some lipstick for his pig. . .
    🙂 – shit eating grin on my face all day for the good conservative people here in Geauga County. Eat it people, eat it all!

  • I’m sorry if you misinterpreted the post with the headline “Barack Obama’s Kenyan family to celebrate by slaughtering bulls, chicken and goats”. I used the exact same headline as found on the Times Online article which explained why I had a link to them. My only comment was to ask “How will the Messiah’s friends at PETA react”. I just found it odd that his family would celebrate in such a fashion. I would have gone out for a steak dinner, but to each his own.

    Oh well, off to Mustafar.

  • Booing the president-elect is better than the rioting that was predicted to take place if Obama lost.

  • @5: Yes. Because we always compare actual events to hypothetical ones. 😐

    Booing the President-Elect is unacceptable in any circumstance.

  • @7: I didn’t misinterpret anything. Post is factual. Headline is factual. I just find it telling that this is what you choose to publish on your internet blog site the day after an historic American moment. Telling. I’ve got you in the right category.

  • United States of Detroit?

    I bet you know less than one thing about my city.

  • @11: Yeah, Gordo was just looking for a quick way to insult the country for voting for an evil librul. Don’t mind him much.

  • Exactly right about the money thing, Trevor.

    It’s hard to accomplish much when you don’t have any money to do anything.

    The Bush administration and his supporters in Congress fucked us all big time.

    This year’s great showing for Democrats shows the majority of Americans have finally figured that out.

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