Update: Posted this via phone before. Here are more details. Location was Delaware Precinct 2F at 140 S. Washington Street (Zion A.M.E. Church). Holloway was the precinct captain. When we pulled up a woman flagged me down to ask a question. She said she recently moved and didn’t have anything with her current address on it. I told her she didn’t have to and to come back in. She parked again and came in behind us as we were talking to Holloway. We asked him what happened and he said her address didn’t match so he asked her if she had something that matched the address on the rolls. I told him she didn’t need to. As long as she had proper ID and she was registered and on the rolls and at that location she could vote. He then asked a worker to write down her drivers license ID number on the rolls and she was allowed to vote.

I asked him why he didn’t do that to begin with and he didn’t really have a good answer. He seemed to want to play innocent in his asking for documentation with matching address. The woman was allowed to vote after having been completely exasperated. He never told her she couldn’t vote or that she had to have matching documentation, but asking for it does infer she needs it. This should be watched out for. This woman nearly drove away without voting. She actually said out loud “If I don’t vote today I don’t vote today”. I said “If you don’t vote today you don’t vote and that’s not happening”.

Be vigilant.

Original post via phone: Chasing down a voter protection issue in Delaware. 140 S Washington polling place being told to vote provisional if ID doesn’t match rolls precisely.

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