I just want to remind everybody that, despite all of the polls indicating that Obama will win today’s election here in Ohio, the only tally that matters is the one being conducted today. Ignore the polling. Don’t assume he’s got it in the bag until the results are certified. Your vote matters so get out there and hit that Obama button.

And while you are at it, don’t forget about your downticket races. Tiberi will never give up his seat on his own – it’s up to us, as citizens, to vote him out.

So vote. Get your friends and neighbors to vote.

  • I voted Saturday and am on my way to take a volunteer shift driving voters to the polls right now.

    Robinson, and the other down ticket dems in Delaware County have a real chance this time. Even Republican Dave Yost thinks so, stating on his blog:

    “My party may not fare as well as I hope when the ballots are tallied tomorrow – we’ll see…


    I’m not sure what information led him to that conclusion, but I for one am hoping hard for some balance in Delaware County politics.

  • …and once you vote go volunteer. After work or in place of. This is it. Don’t wish you did more later.

    One turf down, many more to go.

    Yes We Can!

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