Closing in on 2 million views and hands down the most impact an Ohio blogger has had on a campaign, Tim Russo’s “McCain/Palin Mob” video makes Politico’s “10 most viral videos of the campaign”. Congrats Tim and good work! Tim came in at #7:

Perhaps the best entry in a disturbing sub-genre of documentary videos descended from the 1986 “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” cult classic, this 4½-minute hatefest is like watching a full week’s worth of Hannity’s America. The best participant of all is the annoying blonde with dirty hair who keeps popping up in the frame, first to rail against ACORN, then to ask when the cameraman first heard of “O-bam-AH.” It might have benefited a bit from a crunchy guitar soundtrack, but otherwise this cinema verité glimpse around the perimeter of a McCain-Palin rally is a hit.

This one was fun to watch blow up…especially considering Tim thought he had nothing. A suggestion from a friend to Kos it and minutes later the blowup had begun. One to remember!