I remember when I saw the first TV ad against the Issue #6 casino initiative I looked over at my wife and said something sarcastic like “wow! Did you know some shady Jew wants to build a casino in Ohio?”

I’d never heard of Lyle Berman but I had been following the proposed casino ballot initiative and I found it strange the commercial said absolutely nothing about the casino itself or why we shouldn’t build one in Ohio and instead focused exclusively on one of the partners in the project.

More importantly, I was amazed the announcer kept repeating Berman’s Jewish-sounding name while going down a checklist of Anti-Semitic stereotypes for Jews…

  • “Jews are more willing than others to use shady practices to get what they want” – Check
  • “Jews have too much power in the business world” – Check
  • “Jewish business people are so shrewd that others do not have a fair chance to compete” – Check
  • I’ve included three of the Lyle Berman commercials below in case you haven’t seen them.

    Judge for yourself.

    • Oh, good! I was hoping someone would write about this.
      I heard that first video just once, and couldn’t remember enough of the exact language to explain why it felt anti-Semitic.
      But you spelled out the anti-Semitic implications of the ad quite acccurately I thought.

    • Modern Esquire

      OMG, Joseph, this is a stretch. A huge one. Reminds me how this site too often framed every criticism about Obama in the primary as racism.

      Maybe they keep saying his name because he’s got the most to gain if this constitutionally protected monopoly becomes law.

    • Maybe, Modern.

      But I’ll be honest with you. I had this thought the first time I saw the ad and before I had decided to really throw my full support behind the issue.

      I really didn’t plan on posting this at all – but I had a conversation with someone else this afternoon who also had the same impression of the commercials.

    • @2: There are 3 people that blog at “this site”. You might want to be a bit more specific about any accusations made.

      PS – Please get the fuck over the primary already. We’re about to win this thing!

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