From the daily archives: Saturday, November 1, 2008

It would be unfair for me to say ALL Republicans are selfish and nasty individuals.

But with examples like this (woman refuses to give kids candy if their parents are supporting Barack Obama) it’s kind of hard to avoid making that assumption sometimes…

( ht Pandagon )

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I remember when I saw the first TV ad against the Issue #6 casino initiative I looked over at my wife and said something sarcastic like “wow! Did you know some shady Jew wants to build a casino in Ohio?”

I’d never heard of Lyle Berman but I had been following the proposed casino ballot initiative and I found it strange the commercial said absolutely nothing about the casino itself or why we shouldn’t build one in Ohio and instead focused exclusively on one of the partners in the project.

More importantly, I was amazed the announcer kept repeating Berman’s […]

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